Been thinking about ditching your standard petrol or diesel car? Want to swap it in for a more climate friendly electric vehicle but not sure you have all the facts?

More and more people are opting to go green and invest in electric vehicles. However, with many  forward-thinking things comes the doubts and myths which may ultimately, be putting you off.

VOLT CPI addresses and debunk the top 3 most common myths we hear, allowing you to gather all the facts before making an informed decision about purchasing an electric vehicle.

Myth 1: Electric vehicles are worse for the environment because electricity comes from coal


Probably the most common myth floating about is that electric vehicles are just as bad, or worse, for the environment than gas cars. Well, we can confirm that this is absolutely not true!

It’s true that generating the electricity to charge electric vehicles may create carbon pollution, HOWEVER, all the research and numbers show that they’re still responsible for lower levels of greenhouse gases than the average gas car when taking into account the entire car’s lifetime.

As time goes on, research develops and more renewable energy sources are used (such as solar and wind) to generate electricity, the better electric vehicles will become!

Want to know more about electric vehicles and the environment? Take a look at our previous blog, ‘Going green: electric cars and the environment’, in which we talk about all the ways electric vehicles benefit the environment.

Myth 2: Electric vehicles don’t have enough range to handle certain travel demands


It’s wrongly assumed that electric vehicles can’t handle certain travel demands, such as longer journeys and daily, regular travel.

A typical household’s daily travel is approximately 50 miles per day, and with most models able to go above 200 miles on a fully-charged battery, you needn’t worry about your drive to work or long distanced journeys.

Myth 3: There’s not enough public charge points for electric vehicles


 As charge point installation experts, we can 100% debunk this myth!

Although probably less noticeable than a petrol station, electric vehicle charge points are all around us. Take a look at Zap Map to find your nearest charge point and to see just how many are already installed in the UK. Zap Map is also a great tool when planning ahead for longer journeys.

With many businesses opting to go green, workplace charging is becoming extremely popular. Employees are able to park up, connect and allow their electric vehicle to charge throughout the day whilst they work – a great employee benefit, we say!

If you also have dedicated off-street parking space, you can have your very own charge point installed at home. This could be for your own electric vehicle or a company car you charge overnight, at home.

With these popular electric vehicle myths well and truly debunked, perhaps you’re considering switching to an electric vehicle and would like some more information. If you have any further questions about electric vehicles, charge points or any other myths you may have heard, please contact VOLT CPI, your leading experts in electric vehicle charge point installation.