Government Grants for Electric Vehicles

Grants available for domestic and commercial EV installations

Government grants for electric vehicles are available from the OZEV (Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles) based on individual suitability.

The grants allow the applicants to offset a portion of the installation cost.

Outside electric vehicle charge point

Grant Options:

There are two types of grants available and VOLT CPI can support you through the process of applying for government grants for electric vehicles.

EV Homecharging Scheme (EVHS)


The EVHS grant contributes £350 (inc. VAT)  per charge point towards installation, subject to conditions such as location, the manufacturer and whether the supplier and installer are OZEV registered. VOLT CPI would then apply for the grant subject to the criteria being met.

If you don’t know whether your cars make or model qualifies for the EVHS grant, please see the official government list for more information. 

Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)


The WCS grant differs to the EVHS grant. This grant is a voucher based scheme and is capped at £14,000 (or £350 inc. VAT per point up to 40 charge points) for any single business. Grants only qualify for smart chargers, including the EVHS.

Accessed via an online portal, your company submits an application and obtains a voucher code for the number of charge point pockets. More information can be found here.

You may be eligible to receive a government grant