Home Charging

EV home charge point installers

If you own an electric car, you’re going to need somewhere to charge it!

This may be an EV you have purchased yourself or a company car that you have to charge at home overnight. At this point, you’re going to want to contact a quality team of EV home charge point installers.

Charging your EV at home

There are certain things you must consider before having a home charge point installed:

If you have all of the above, then you’re the perfect candidate for EV home charge point installation.


Although all EV home care point installations are quoted on a case by case basis, the standard home place installation consisting of a wall mounted charger with 5 metres of cabling, prices start at £1290 (inc VAT). This is without the Government OZEV grant of £350 (including VAT) per socket outlet, which you, the customer, would claim back on completion of the installation.

Home Charging Grant

If your organisation is looking to make the switch to EV, support is available in the way of government grants by OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles). Two types of grants are available, the WCS (Workplace Charging Scheme) and the EVHS (Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme).

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you require and are eligible for the Government grant, we would recommend that only a fully qualified electrician who is fully qualified in EV home charge point installation should install your charger.

Visit the OZEV website for a full list of cars, vans and motorcycles the grant applies to.

As professional EV home charge point installers, we strongly suggest that you talk to us before choosing any charge point as there are many options and not all are suitable. Don’t purely purchase a product based on price alone. Our advice is free, so why not take advantage it!

No, the grant is only available from OZEV approved manufacturers who have passed the British standard tests. If you purchase an unrecognised product, VOLT CPI are unable to install or help you.

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