Work Place Charging

Commercial EV charge point installation

Is your company considering the switch to electric?

If you’re considering electric vehicles for your employees, charging stations will be needed onsite so that your company vehicles can be charged during working hours or overnight. With in-depth experience in commercial EV charge point installation, VOLT CPI is the team you’ll want to call.

EV Work Place Charging

There are many benefits to switching to EV solutions for your business. And, with a range of charging options to choose from, here are some that you may find appeal to your organisation:


The pricing structure for commercial EV charge point installation differs to that of home charging. An accurate Installation is only given once the VOLT CPI team have assess the site, alongside our engineer. This is so that we’re able to recommend the best location for your commercial charge point and whether more than one may be required. 

Work Place Charging Grant

For those looking to switch to EV, support is available in the way of government grants by OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles). Two types of grants are available, the WCS (Workplace Charging Scheme) and the EVHS (Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme). 

We’re accredited to work with the following manufacturers

Frequently Asked Questions

With back office systems available, VOLT CPI can provide a self-managing access control system, as well as different tariffs allowing different users different access.

We’re afraid not, all charge points must be new.

No, the grant is only available from OZEV approved manufacturers who have passed the British standard tests. If you purchase an unrecognised product, VOLT CPI are unable to install or help you.

As expert commercial EV charge point installers, we strongly suggest that you talk to us before choosing any charge point, as there are many options and not all are suitable. Don’t purely purchase a product based on price alone. Our advice is free, so why not take advantage it!

Considering commercial EV charge point installation?