Why choose EV?

The many benefits of investing in EV

Motor technology has come a long way since the 1830s when the first non-rechargeable motorised vehicle was built!

Manufacturers are always looking for alternative fuel sources, which means electricity is becoming increasingly popular as a mainstream power source for vehicles of all sizes.

With 20 car manufacturers now investing in EV technology, it’s looking likely that electric cars will be a viable options for car users with a range of budgets, and with electric vehicle charge point specialists like VOLT CPI around, you needn’t worry about the charging aspects of your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Switching to the use of an EV has many benefits, the main ones being to the environment. With no tail pipe, electric cars do not admit any emissions and will therefore help reduce local pollution. Benefits that affect you directly as a car user include lower running costs, less maintenance, buying incentives such as grants, lower tax, free parking and more.

For workplace or commercial charging there are multiple options which require a site survey to ensure you get the right unit for your site requirements. These include a wall mounted plug type (a unit that allows you to plug your own lead into the charger from your vehicle) or a tethered wall mount unit which has the cable attached and you simply plug it into your vehicle.

An EV charge point is specifically designed to charge your hybrid or fully electric vehicle at a quicker rate than just a standard 13 amp plug supply. Charge points are quicker, more efficient, manageable and a more secure way to charge your electric car. There are a variety of charge point manufacturers and designs, but we would only recommend an OZEV accredited unit, with smart ability and an app to control functionality.

Although regular servicing is still required, maintenance for electric cars is far more simple than that of a normal vehicle. Powered by electricity, there are fewer moving parts and therefore, fewer things to worry about – this also makes for a more cost-effective option.

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